Choose With Confidence

Online, consumer-generated reviews are everywhere. It is now commonplace for consumers to peruse reviews prior to choosing a hotel, restaurant, automobile, television, appliance, movie, book and virtually any other type of product or service. 

There is one industry however, where online consumer reviews are hard to come by - the industry commonly known as "Cryptocurrency" or “Bitcoin”. The Bitcoin industry includes not just Bitcoin but other Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum. Cryptocurrency services include bitcoin wallets, merchant services, trading and exchange, escrow services, mining and gambling. Businesses that provide Cryptocurrency and bitcoin services are spread out across dozens and dozens of countries, making it even more difficult for consumers to know who they are dealing with and make informed choices.

But now clients the world over may read and write reviews of Cryptocurrency providers from Belize to Hong Kong and anywhere in between. Clients will Choose With Confidence knowing that the bitcoin provider they have chosen has been reviewed by previous clients. Clients also now have the ability to let the world know how they were treated by businesses that provide bitcoin wallets, merchant services, trading, escrow, mining and gambling.