Announcing the Top Offshore Businesses of 2017

Announcing the Top Offshore Businesses of 2017

The management of Crypto Reviews is keenly aware that many people have made substantial sums in Cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are many newly-minted millionaires because of the dramatic rise in the price of Bitcoin and Altcoins. If you plan to cash in your cryptocurrency you might be looking for an offshore bank account to put the money into. Or perhaps you would like to hold precious metals in the Cayman Islands or invest in real estate in the Caribbean. The businesses listed below can help you do exactly that. They are the top rated offshore businesses from our sister website OffshoreReviews. If you're looking to protect and grow your money offshore, these companies are the best of the best at helping their clients do just that. We thought our audience would find this information useful so we decided to pass it along - enjoy!  


December 9, 2017 launched nearly 2 years ago and since then we have received nearly 5000 reviews of offshore banks, offshore company formation services, offshore registered agents, offshore brokers and money managers, offshore law firms and offshore precious metals brokers.  In 2017 we added businesses involved in offshore real estate and offshore merchant accounts.


We are pleased to announce the best offshore companies of 2017 as rated by our reviewers!  These firms represent the best of the best of the offshore financial industry.   


Top Offshore Incorporator:  Harbor Financial Services USA - 97%.  Harbor Financial Services is a leading offshore company formation and offshore bank account facilitator that specializes in offshore banking, forming offshore corporations, establishing offshore trusts and moving retirements plans (IRA’s and 401K's) offshore. HFS provides initial free consultations to explain the process of going offshore, establishing offshore companies, trusts and offshore banking as well as the process and benefits of moving an IRA offshore.   


Top Offshore Real Estate Developer Real Capital Caribe – 96%.  Real Capital Caribe specializes in developing offshore investment properties throughout the Middle East and the Caribbean. They have successfully developed luxury offshore investment properties yielding excellent results for international investors in Dubai, Panama, Colombia, Uruguay and the United States.  Presently, RCC is developing two luxury condominium towers in fast-growing Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. 

Top Offshore Precious Metals CompanyStrategic Wealth Preservation (SWP), Cayman Islands – 99%.  Strategic Wealth Preservation SWP is a fully-integrated precious metals dealer and vaulting facility located in the Cayman Islands. We specialize in the acquisition and secure storage of precious metals for individuals, companies, trusts and wealth management professionals on behalf of their clients. We hold the distinction of being an approved storage facility for precious metals held within self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for American citizens and are an approved distributor of the Royal Mint of England and Perth Mint of Australia. 


Top Offshore Nevis Registered Agent: Acme Trust Services Limited, Nevis – 97%. Acme Trust Services is a licensed Registered Agent located on the Caribbean island of Nevis and specializes in forming Nevis offshore corporations and LLC’s, setting up Nevis offshore trusts and assisting clients with opening offshore bank accounts in Nevis and other offshore jurisdictions.   

Top Law Firm in Panama: Kraemer &  Panama – 94%. Kraemer & Kraemer is a licensed law firm in Panama that provides offshore incorporation services in Panama and internationally and also assists clients with obtaining international residency and second passports.    


We actively encourage reviews from clients of offshore businesses. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences with the world. Be it a positive or negative review, it belongs on Negative reviews can save potential clients from a bad experience. Good reviews pave the way for potential clients to choose with confidence.

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