Bitcoin ATM's
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  • Phone : 7 (962) 823-08-01

Smooth transfers

68% January 30, 2018 by Ze2790Bit

It was easy and there is no other place to go and buy bitcoins. I deposited $50 and got it transferred to my wallet in less than 20 minutes.


75% January 26, 2018 by BitGeller

Hearing of these machines I was a little skeptical at first, but Ill never go back to buying online. They were very easy to use when I get there and I got the coin so quick.

Scam? I think so...

25% January 23, 2018 by Gear880Bitcoin

Unfortunately, looks like BBFpro is a scam. I placed 2 direct-buy orders for X12 coin and payed by SEPA bank transfer in EUR and until now I haven't received any payments. My wallet IS fully synchronized but balance is still zero. It looks like they simply didn't perform these transactions. Stay away from these guys! I will continue informing people about this fraud unless you guys (BBFpro) will transfer my coins which I bought.

They did not disappoint me

75% January 20, 2018 by Ton_m4nBitcoin

ATM worked smoothly and BTC arrived quickly. Good transaction. Lots of ways to get in touch.