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Binance is a good working and secure solution for investors.

100% August 01, 2018 by aegean2000

I am using Binance almost a year now and I am happy with it. I did have a few small problems (general problems) but Binance support team has solved them in a reasonable amount of time. They are responsive and responsible. I keep my money in exchange and I can sleep. Soon they will come up with decentralized crypto exchange solution and fiat-2-crypto solution also. I cant wait for it. I suggest Binance to anyone that wants to go crypto..


100% March 28, 2018 by Crypto's City

My exprience with Binance since late 2017 had been the best, user friendly, the best customer support and specially is you tweet then something even the CEO CZ help you with any question, you don't see that kind of help in any other company, my trading crypto are all there that i switch from Bittrex last year, also the referral program is good, i'm earning some satochi there too, hodl BNB will make you some extra earning, you should check it out. Just waiting that Binance listed BTCZ so i can attach my picture here with the new lambo.. lol

Overall a non-fiat good exchange

96% January 23, 2018 by lesyeuxbruns
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While Binance isn’t the most user-friendly exchange, it’s not too difficult to learn, and they have a support team that is very responsive. What I appreciate about Binance is that they have relatively low fees and a decent number of coins available for trading and trades are fast. I haven’t had any issues with them. The only annoyance I’ve faced is the fat that they restrict the number of decimal places you can enter for a trade so every coin that you deal with ends up with a couple of unspendable crumbs. I’ve read that they are working on a feature to convert all of this dust to BNB, so hopefully that is true. In the meantime, it a few dollars so it’s not the end of the world and it definitely is worth it as these crumbs are nothing compared to what you save in fees on other exchanges.