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Hong Kong

Best in class platform

97% June 26, 2018 by stevefrenchmtnlion

The exchange uses multi-signature deposit addresses, and exchange staff manually verify and sign withdrawals. This is an excellent security practice. BitMEX offers 100:1 leveraged trading on bitcoin futures and inverse perpetual swap contracts. This is unprecedented, a first of it's kind. Other products offer good leverage as well. Order execution is very fast most of the time. Under moments of system overload, (usually only lasting a couple of seconds during very volatile market activity) orders are sometimes rejected with a 'system overload' error message. Usually resubmitting the order within a second or two will push it through. Their auto-deleveraging system liquidates positions very efficiently, preventing a trader's account from ever ending with a negative balance, as can sometimes happen in other highly leveraged markets, such as Forex. Currently, bitcoin is the only accepted currency for deposit. I found their support staff to be very professional and responsive. The API is fantastic. They offer both REST and WEBSOCKET APIs, with wrappers available in several popular programming languages. Signup is very fast an easy, and a new user can have an active account set up in under a minute. In order to avoid massive regulatory overhead, they currently do not accept business from USA citizens.

No regrets

75% February 01, 2018 by Nembutsu

Nice Tor anonymous Bitcoin Wallet with Low Fee.