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Suite 6, Mill Mall, Wickham’s Cay 1, P.O. Box 3085, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Use as last resort

16% March 01, 2018 by Jibreel

They have a delayed price mechanism so you are always buying at 3-5% more than the going rate. It takes over 2 hours on average to buy, sell and 3-5 hours to send bitcoins. Withdrawals take 7-15 working days. They don't reply to your support tickets unless you write URGENT in the subject line. They have a fee on almost anything you do. I'm surprised they don't charge for changing your password!! If you have other options then go for those and use this as your last resort.

Unsatisfied - Disappointed

18% January 23, 2018 by Dogg561

Bitoasis offers the following: 1) Exchange & 2) Wallet. 1) the exchange: you can trade ethereum & bitcoin only. However, you are not buying the real coin, you are only buying a price and trading it. 2) the wallet: you can buy, send, or receive real BTC. Advantages: - the only crypto trading site in uae/ region that accepts credit card or wire deposits. That is why many people use it. - can withdraw fiat to bank account. Disadvantages: - No trade license provided in UAE. - No phone numbers provided. - Bad customer support. - Very low deposit & withdrawal limits. wire deposit (max AED 50k equivalent to around USD 13.6k per week, and max withdrawal is AED 37k equivelant to USD 10k per week). This is a major problem as i dont believe people would spend months or even years trying to get their fiat to their bank account. - Bitoasis refuses to increase any limits as their only excuse is that they are busy with the surge in new customers signing up. This has been the case since summer `17 and not changed as of it, which gives the impression that BitOasis are not serious about satisfying their customers by increasing their staff for ex. - VERY HIGH fees on the exchange - 5% fees on credit card deposits. - They sell BTC for higher price on the wallet, and buy it for a lower price. (around 500-600 usd difference- approx 3% considering today's BTC price) - Does not support any kind of forks. Overall, I do not recommend BitOasis. I am currently researching other websites that support UAE residents for crypto trading along with bank transfer with higher limits. Note: Above is a conclusion from my personal experience. i have been with Bitoasis for over a year and no improvements whatsoever during this time.