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Great Company

84% January 11, 2018 by Brokeasscrypto

Bitrefill is an awesome company and program. I have used them a couple times to pay my prepaid phone bill with crypto. The first time I used the program was because it is built into the online Cryptonator wallet, and I needed to pay my phone and had no cash. Paid my phone bill using bitcoin from my wallet, and my phone service continued. The second time I used them was yesterday, and I went directly to the website and used Litecoin to pay my phone bill, which was even easier, cheaper and quicker than most bitcoin transactions I've done. The fact that they now accept bitcoin or litecoin and are getting ready to accept bitcoin via lightning network payments shows that this is a company that is willing to accept progress and try new things with cryptocurrency while providing a service that allows people to use crypto for something with real world application. It won't be the future of money if people don't use it as money.