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Major Problems Reported by Multiple Sources in Multiple Countries

16% January 22, 2018 by Crypto Reviews Admin

Crypto Reviews Admin - We have received multiple, credible reports from Bittrex clients in multiple countries. These reports are disturbing and include accusations such as users being able to fund their accounts and make Cryptocurrency purchases, but not make withdrawals from those same accounts. This would be the equivalent of a bank accepting deposits, but denying withdrawals. As such, we would definitely not recommend opening any new accounts with Bittrex or transferring funds into any accounts or wallets associated with or managed by Bittrex. If you do have an existing account with Bittrex and are able to withdraw funds, we would recommend doing so as quickly as possible. For a more detailed description, see our blog post:

The worst exchange I've dealt with

21% January 03, 2018 by jschaff

While they seem to have a lot to offer, there are constantly issues logging in, accounts freezing and other apparent glitches in the system. The worst part--support tickets go for weeks unanswered. It has been 5 weeks for me and I have heard nothing and haven't even been acknowledged. Take to social media to hope to get a reply there and still nothing. I think the only reason they have so many customers is because they have so many coins, but what's the point if you can't do anything with your account and if they can't be bothered to help you when the issue is on their end? Save yourself the headaches and find another exchange.