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Excellent Services For Years!! `

100% April 02, 2020 by sj1988

I have been with these guys for several years and they have continued to be excellent to work with. The interface is easy and quick, transactions are fast, everything is good. I would highly recommend them.

Easy to Use for transfers and DIRT CHEAP!!!!

100% March 15, 2018 by HMac
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Received some bitcoin and then transferred it out to another wallet. Very simple, smooth, easy. It was a pretty big transfer and i was charged $.15 (that's 15 CENTS!!!) for the transfer. Amazing!!! Gotta love Bitcoin and!!! No other way could i transfer funds like that from one country to another for 15 cents. And the transfer was done in minutes. Amazing service!!!


100% March 15, 2018 by sj1988
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Opening the account was easy and simple. And I just received my first payment of bitcoin! The online interface is very easy to navigate and intuitive, and the security set up is good as well. Very simple and easy exchange/wallet to use!!

Surprisingly great

75% February 02, 2018 by Aardwolf

This was my first bitcoin purchase experience, i used a credit card and after 15 minutes I received bitcoins, it was great!