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Blockfolio not perfect but progressive

92% July 01, 2018 by FlyGuy

I’ve been using Blockfolio for over a year now. Blockfolio has come a long way since its humble beginnings. They listen to their customers even though the app is free! Yes they obviously make revenue from some source. “Signal” is a new part that lets Tokens post their latest news with timely announcements. It’s by all means not perfect but they really do include upgrades that customers want, even if they take some time. One example of this is including a link to the “buying” or “selling” currency or token. At first you had to buy something and manually make a corresponding transaction in the token used to buy or sell... very annoying. Now all you have to do is toggle “deduct from USD holding” and it creates a parallel entry keeping your portfolio total correct. I would like a button to show total holdings in each instead of having to work them out myself. There are now 4 “Chart themes” light, dark, modern and night. You can hide your balances from the screen so prying eyes can’t see your bag total just percentages. Slide finger from right to left and it will show you trading on the relevant exchange. Set alarms. Add notes and much more. You can migrate from phone to phone using your “token” in the settings screen right at the bottom. So make sure you copy it and keep it safe somewhere! Not all is great.. what annoys me most is negative token values! If you buy 50 ETH/USD and then sell them for say EUR instead you automatically have a - value in ETH/EUR because you never bought 50 ETH/EUR... that entry then appears at the bottom of the screen because it’s a minus holding when the screen is sorted in that way. Yes you can sort per token but it’s still misleading because you don’t get a TOTAL you have to add or subtract the two entries to find your TRUE holding. I’d also like to do periodic backups. I once deleted all my ETH holdings accidentally buy pressing delete pair instead of delete one transaction. Yes my fault but gone is gone. All in all it’s an excellent app that is free at present. You could use CoinTracker but it’s not friendly if you have many addresses and exchanges that you’ve had for years. Data collection is not too good. Plus CoinTracker costs a lot! Things I’d like are a pie chart showing TOTAL percentage holdings. A pop up date on the portfolio value chart when sliding from left to right over the chart. .csv export? Not sure if that’s possible. Hey.. it’s free so I actually nit picking. Keep up the good work.

Two Thumbs Up

92% March 02, 2018 by JRig

Pros: user-friendly, pretty decent UI, minimal downtime despite MASSIVE use, tons of coins and exchanges, quick to fix glitches (not many, but every now and again), price alerts, view portfolio in fiat or BTC Cons: charts aren't as customizable as I'd like (they give you the option to view the last hour/12hr/day/3day/1w/1mo/3mo/6mo/1yr rather than a true hourly/daily/weekly chart); also, once a transaction is entered in (for example) XMR/BTC, if you make a purchase/sale for XMR using ETH, that has to go under that pairing unless you wanna do the math and convert it yourself. When viewing your total portfolio's chart, it does not differentiate between gains made in the market and new fiat you've put into the market (i.e. my $100 portfolio "grew 200%" when I added another $100 of fiat, even if my actual investments stayed flat). Minus 1 star for these issues. Otherwise great app. Definitely recommend.

Solid Portfolio App

100% January 25, 2018 by AJ

Solid app with even better customer service support. Must have app to track your portfolio performance. I don't know what I'd do without it, in all honesty.