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Melbourne, Australia

Solid Crypto Exchange

100% July 07, 2018 by MikeTibet

BTC Markets is a good exchange if you live in Australia. Fees are reasonable. Best of all it is easy to use with XRP-AUD pair. BTC Markets has been around for sometime.

Excellent but limited

87% March 03, 2018 by Rady

I have been trading with BTCMarkets for almost a year now, I highly recommend it. However, there are a couple of things that are limiting or annoy me. Positives: 1. Australian based exchange 2. Competitive fees 3. No Withdrawl AUD fees 4. No AUD Deposit fees 5. XRP/AUD - XRP/BTC 6. Superfast 2 factor authentication reset 7. Excelent Computer/Phone interface 8. Super fast support 9. Lower fees the more you trade 10. Excellnt trading graphs Negatives: 1. They only trade (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, XRP) 2. API trading, so most of the time you trading with robots and not able to buy or sell at good price. 3. Must verify account

Nice trading site

71% February 02, 2018 by Iambusyburst

Smooth btc trading and allows multiple currencies.