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Is CEX.IO a good exchange for buying bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies?

71% March 03, 2018 by J

cex.io has been around for about year now and so have established themselves as a BTC exchange competitor. That maybe, however if you don’t have good bandwidth good luck getting accepted into the server. When you get in and used a VPN you will struggle to login while the home page struggles to load or stay on the login page. Once you do get the page to stay make sure you input your login info but don’t press “enter” or eleaentoull start all over again. Unfortunately CEX has done nothing to update any of these issues. Next, once you are logged in the KYC/ID check and bank card checks are extremely thurough. They have recently been through an update to tighten down on their security measures and exchange safety for users. The fee prices for purchasing BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, XRP are AMAZING! CEX.IO has the best prices around by far. You don’t pay any transfer fee withdrawing any of your cryptocurrency. Besides your regular mining fees. That right there saves me over $20. With Bitstamp and Coinbase you would have to pay to buy plus transfer fees. Then if you withdraw your virtual currency you pay a fee plus your mining fees. It’s possible this may have changed since I last visited. Regardless CEX.IO beats them out. Customer service has been a big big issue because of the recent security update, purchasing rules changed creating a giant backlog of issues. Pushing Customer service ticket responses to two weeks or more. However, as of the end of February 2018 this problem has been addressed and Customer Servixe now is on THW BALL! How do I know? I created a ticket to see. Within 8 hours they reaponded, that’s super impressive! Make sure you read everything you have to do to get registered and approved for purchasing BTC if you don’t if creates headaches and stress. Follow there YouTube videos. Now, that bigger clients are relying on CEX they have really made a nice effort to be a leading crypto exchange.

Fast transfers!

91% February 16, 2018 by Abderian

I have used this site twice now and I love it. I deposited money into the seller's bank and uploaded the receipt and then got my bitcoins in less than 30 mins.