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Excellent Crypto Wallet and Exchange

100% July 09, 2018 by sj1988

I've been using Coinbase for many months now and am very happy with their services!!

Coinbase Review by donnaken15

32% July 08, 2018 by donnaken15

If you're of legal age (like 18+), then I'd recommend it to you, but they completely ticked me off by disabling direct emails when I finally got my ID to verify my account. The thing is they said email them once my steps were completed to start exchanging bitcoins again, but then they just stop direct emails coming to their support. They also used to have an age allowance or level of age requirement. It went like "1. 14 or below is not ok, 2. Age 14+ with parental consent, and 3. Age 18 is ok." Now they just don't accept this. Why. Also, when I made my aggressive tweets towards their support, someone replied to them saying like "get better support, Uphold is a lot better @ it" or something, which I made my account a few days ago and seeing if that service is good.

Top flight Exchange

61% March 06, 2018 by MPS

There are quite a few exchanges all that have a purpose but w/ Coinbase I see a seamless and consistent transaction platform. They are easy to use, never breached surrounded by solid investors and do have good talent under the hood. You do get what you pay for, so I think they can be a bit pricy. They need to bring on a few more currencies that have solid market share and traction. NEO, XRP to name 2. I do trust they judgment and think they will be the dominant currency. I look a them as the NYSE of Digital currency long term.

Robbed of my money by Coinbase

16% December 22, 2017 by Rambo Rell

I wired $5,000 Dec 6th, 2017 to my coinbase account. My money still isn't in my coinbase account, nor has it been returned to the bank. When I call my bank to verify the wire, they said Coinbase has it and is horrible with responding, so I'm screwed until they ever respond bank, which they don't. And if they do respond, it's a bot giving generalized messages that never solve anything. Horrible customer service, I've been robbed of $5,000. Merry Christmas to me.... Smh.

Simple wallet for big coins

93% December 16, 2017 by kingsy21

Hopefully they will expand their options pretty soon but for now only LTC BTC and ETH are collectible on this platform. one big issue is service outage when trading volumes are high. It is good for buying and holding some BTC for the long run

Not a good option for business customers

42% December 11, 2017 by sj1988

Coinbase is definitely the big kid on the block, but when I called them and asked if they provided phone support for merchants they said no. I was shocked! How can a business provide a service to another business – facilitating payments no less, and not provide support for them. That is crazy and unfortunately not a workable or reliable solution for most businesses. If you are processing payments through a processor like Coinbase, at some point you will need to be able to pick up the phone and call somebody and sort something out. It's hard to believe that they can offer this service and yet not even have a phone number that you can call and talk to a real person.

Relatively Good Experience with CoinBase

80% December 11, 2017 by Smitty

I opened a personal account with Coin Base and for the most part everything went smoothly. The only problem is that every time I log into the website or the iPhone app it asks me to upload my drivers license. No matter how many times I upload my documents it doesn't seem to take it, and they don't offer support unless you believe your account has been hacked, so it's rather frustrating. But overall it was a good experience, it's easy to open up an account, easy to buy bitcoin or light coin or ethereum - and you can load your account with a credit card, which is very convenient. I just wish they had a customer support line that would allow you to talk to a real person - that would definitely make the problem I am having with my ID much easier to solve.