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Great alt coin wallet for android

100% January 14, 2018 by Slowell

Had some old paper wallets. Was able to quikly and easily sweep then into digital wallets. Best multi coin wallet for android.

A great multicurrency app

88% January 08, 2018 by Brokeasscrypto

Coinomi is a great app for Android based Crypto enthusiasts. It gives you access to dozens of coins in one place with one recovery seed. Not only does it give you a way to hold many of the current top 10 coins (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin), but some that are fairly obscure as well (e.g. insane coin, most ethereum based tokens, verge, vertcoin, PIVX). If you want a wallet that can not only go where you go, but also one that keeps several coins, utilizes in-wallet exchanging of coins through integrated shapeshift or changelly, and keeps your private keys private, then this is the Android wallet app for you.