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Melbourne, Australia

Coinspot is the Easiest way into Crypto in AU

76% July 12, 2018 by electo

I am not sure why there are so many bad reviews. Coinspot is hands down the easiest way to invest in crypto with fiat in australia. They have been around for some time, and yes they had a bad website, but they have grown and fixed a lot of their problems. I guess the biggest issue is the premium (it used to be 3% fee) which has dropped to 1%. I dont think this is unfair at all. Given the slippage between exchanges and the conversion, I am amazed they still make money. If you wanted to buy a coin against a dollar value, there is absolutely no better exchange in the australian market that lets you do this without learning how to trade. You click buy, and you click sell. Their exchange is geared towards new entrants, and any platform that allows new people to enter and invest with actual money is absolutely fine by me. Keep up the good work guys and hope to see you get much more competitive.

The worst Exchange

16% March 03, 2018 by Rady
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Coinspot was the first exchange I traded on and it's seriously the worst. You can make no profit trading. If you want to lose your money then use this exchange. Highly Recommend BTCMarkets instead. NEGATIVES: 1. 0% fee AUD deposit Poli - ($2000 Limit for 3 weeks) 2. 0.9% fees AUD deposit - Bpay - ($10000 limit) 3. 3% fees AUD cash deposit - ($2000 limit) 4. 2% Buying fee 5. 2% Selling fee 6. Unrealistic prices

Not personally recommended

24% February 16, 2018 by Morionhrad11

I deposited around 200 EUR to my wallet but did not get the coins. I tried contacting their support team but I have not received a response for a week. I'm still hoping I get my money back!!!