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Coss Rockets in flight!

88% May 16, 2018 by Crypto_T000P

Coss - Crypto One Stop Solution has been undergoing rapid changes & upgrades this past month with many more in store in the coming months. We have not seen this exchange's final form just yet. What we have seen is very exciting. The recent launch of $usd deposits and trading pairs ($usd/ Btc,Eth, Ltc & Coss) was delivered on time as promised by the Coss team. $Eu and $Gpb deposits and pairs are soon to follow. Having recently gone through the new KYC procedure , I can say that it was rather smooth and painless. Coss's KYC on took about 30 mins , start to finish to be 100% verified. This Is how long it'll take new users, including US customers, to become verified. Currently US customers can only do KYC and trade crypto to crypto. It will be another 2-6 months before US customers can use the fiat options. After Completing Coss KYC , the partner website for fiat , Etana's KYC procedure lasted a total of 48 hours. Overall I've been very happy and have never been more excited for the future of In the coming weeks, They are launching their New UI, Listing Neo & Gas with fiat trading pairs, and continually upgrading the engine. In time all new listings and altcoins currently on the site will have fiat pairs, which in the long run will change the way we value our cryptocurrencies. Coss is quickly become the gold standard for 2nd generations Crypto exchanges, through its regulatory compliance. Gone are the days of having to use middle man deposit sites. No more paying multiple fees to buy and transfer your crypto to exchanges. This is just the beginning for can be the future! It's free money for all users

85% March 07, 2018 by ilikebirds

Coss holders get 50% of all fees generated on coss forever. The exchange can not lower that amount. That means you make money while they make money and life is good. They have fiat pairs coming and you will also get a part of those fees. Coss just needs to deliver with the updated UI and fiat this month. Their online communication for outages etc is however very lacking. they need to improve on that part bad