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6 Dennitt Street, New Brighton, Christchurch, 8083, New Zealand

Not a reliable site, very dodgy and rude staff.

16% July 19, 2018 by Crypto

A class action lawsuit started last year that is gaining quite a few members and most due to having stocks stolen and they are threatening them, The site is no longer reliable and I would transfer all stock while you can, they are not letting quite a few coins be withdrawn and have frozen them. but just transfer out as much as you can or you may lose all your coins.

Very buggy and rude staff but Profitable.

78% July 17, 2018 by Crypto

Can make a lot more money thru this site than more reliable sites like binance but it is risky as they remove the stocks with zero notice, The staff will tell you to fuck off if they don't wanna help best to contact them thru twitter so people can see the responses and than they are nicer. They also have a lot of bugs that you will have to find work arounds, contact staff on twitter about that or you will be threatened with a ban for opening a ticket.

Bad expirience when trading on Cryptopia, no good at all chart

40% April 07, 2018 by Stopper

Recently i have used Cryptopia for exchange my PIRL and to buy some $PAC. Transfer was smooth, all my deposits arrived in time. But after that my problems start. Coin PIRL is minable and i had a few thousand, but on whole february wallet was broken on that exchange and you cannot withdraw your coins. Finally on March they fix it and all goes well. About $PAC, developers of this coin made redemption 1000:1 and i bought few millions coins, but that exchange did not open the real market. There was only option for buy and sell for 1 sats old PAC coin. So the date of redemption came and real market was opened. BUT guess the price. It was about 9 times less. That was real scam behavior for customers. i am sure that about 200- 500 customers were scammed from Exchange and $PAC coin. PAC team is good, but don`t care for their investors, they didn`t stop redemption until fix the scam on Cryptopia. So use this exchange only for fast exchange coins and run away , long relation with them is leading to lost.

I wouldn't trust them

37% March 08, 2018 by Steve

Basically the 1st and biggest exchange for ETN Electroneum. It's their #1 volume coin. So you think they would get into fixing any etn issues - BUT NO! !!. Average 39 day wait to get a support ticket answered. Crashes every time etn releases good news as it can't handle all its users. Started out great, grew too fast and lost control. Coins go missing, markets get frozen, coins get stuck in limbo for weeks . No answers no support. Their bank account pulled the plug on them so you can't even deposit or withdraw fiat anymore and no one trusts them to transfer coins into wallets correctly Cryptopia WILL go out of business soon. Only a matter of time. ETN is moving to hitbtc and when it goes cryotopia is over. DON'T USE

Don’t waste your time with Cryptopia.

29% March 07, 2018 by thecryptomeriff

Cryptopia is a shit exchange with shitcoins galore. Their wallets are always under maintenance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to withdrawal a coin/token I NEEDED and wasn’t able to because of their wallets. Sometimes it takes days to reopen withdrawals up. They recently closed their LTC and DOGE pairings, forcing people to buy certain coins with BTC and overpaying. The lowest price you can go with BTC is 1 sat, and using DOGE or LTC you can get it cheaper. They’ve cheated people out of a lot of money that way. Use a real exchange like Poloniex, CoinExchange, Bittrex, Binance, or even HitBTC.

Keep it up!

72% February 19, 2018 by Swannexli

Simple and easy to use. Good customer support as they replied within 2 hours. Keep up the good work!