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Is Eobot still profitable?

72% January 08, 2018 by kuraizuke

Eobot is not my top-most Cloud Mining Site since they lack of information about the owners and that is one of the red flags I consider but it does not mean that you can not get something from them or should I not try. So, for the benefit of the doubt, I tried to make a deposit and withdrawn from them and no problem for me but it takes some time specially if you are trying to withdraw a Cryptocurrecny that takes a lot of verification. So far for the support, I like it because they are consistent replying to my emails specially if there are problems. I don't like the website interface since it's very basic and I hope they could enhance it but the most important is the quality of the service and the functionality of the system. I think for newbies, don't take this site seriously like investing a lot of money since you can get dupe if the site closes so it's much better to use investments from faucets like what I did. No regrets if just in case the company run away with your deposits. Anyway, this company started 2013 and it's almost 5 years, seems to be rock solid and would not go anytime sooner so for me, this is a positive image from them. I think there's no contract or the site is not open for US anymore but not sure why and it's better to check with them. So far, I can't say I have earned that much because it takes long to get the GHs higher and they only provide 5 year contract or 24 hr contract(which is not profitable). Another, good thing is they have 1 day faucet but not enough to get a GHs contract. So, in conclusion, it's much better to make it as a hobby rather than a source of income. Just add this as one of your extra passive earnings.

The first exchange/mining site i used

82% January 04, 2018 by Bareknuckle

Although Eobot has not been perfect i have to give them a fair review. ive made good money from them because they were one of a few who listed ripple xrp early. i still use them now. only issue i have is they need more staff as customer service isnt great.no reply to emails sometimes. Also they seem to have a lot of maintenance downtime which hinders deposits and withdrawels. BUT ITS NOT A SCAM SITE. LETS BE CLEAR.

Eobot.com operational since 2013 and located in the United States-Exchange Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

80% January 04, 2018 by Sweetasdad
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I BEEN with http://Eobot.com almost 4 years now...have had a few potholes/bumps in the time, but that's crypto-mining, put up with the LOWS or leave.

Scam website

19% December 27, 2017 by Jysh04

I litecoin to start mining after some time i converted all my litecoin into ripple and tried to withdraw. My balance was deducted but I am not yet credited ripple in my wallet till now. It has been over a week now. The contact number that they have given on website is not reachable, They don’t reply to emails. Its a total scam don’t waste your money on such websites.