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Nebraska, United States of America

Don’t waste your time

17% May 19, 2018 by Darkstar

At first I loved Exodus. The ease of moving my cryptos off exchanges was very convenient and easy. That’s about all they have going for them.. the exchange they are partners with ShapeShift sucks. Constantly taking coins down for “maintenance “ and when you try to contact them about the issue are just met with the same BS answer of “we’re sorry, our partner is trying to resolve this issue, in my personal opinion it’s manipulation and I can’t support this wallet any longer. Hopefully more options with better transparency will be available soon.

Cool wallet, but not so secure

38% January 03, 2018 by jschaff

I was really stoked about Exodus and love how the wallet is set up. The design really is one of the best I've seen. It's incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. The blog is in down-to-earth English that even a newbie can understand. Exodus was my first step into the world of crypto and in using them/their site I got my feet wet and appreciate the experience that I got with the currencies that they have. But I have since moved on. They lack 2-factor authentication, which should raise a red flag. And there have been further security concerns raised over the past couple of days and questions of hacking. No segwit = no more of my business. With the complaints that I have heard and the issues that I have seen, I would not recommend Exodus.