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Excellent option for instant exchange

100% February 11, 2018 by Gorilla Cramp

As an alternative to the usual exchanges (Binance etc), Flyp.Me is a great option for fast exchange of crypto without the hassle of account sign ups or invasive KYC, Have used several times with no problems and decent rates and now hold their native tokens to start receiving their "dividend".

So far so good

100% February 09, 2018 by DarkHorse
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Hello guys! My experience with the exchange is so far so good. Processing of payments is reliable and fast (I've made 30+ exchanges). Once I asked for a refund because the payment I sent from my wallet provider wasn't received on the FLYP.ME side within the 20-min time frame and their team replied quickly and soon I got full refund. So no problems with refunds either. This exchange additionally offers attractive 50% profit sharing with anyone holding $FYP tokens which can be obtained directly at this exchange and also distributed governance (you can find more info about it on their official website or you can join their Telegram group at

Very Good Service

96% February 08, 2018 by sj1988

Flyp is a very good exchange in Europe. I'm able to trade as desired with no problems. Highly recommended!