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One of my favourite exchanges

97% May 31, 2018 by JAG_Neuromancer is one of my favourite exchanges: After the KYC process ( took under 24 h) deposits and withdrvalls have been fast and reliable in both ways. Interface is very basic but clear and user friendlyand - you find easy all USDT, ETH and BTC trading pairs. Maybe the best part is very good selection of quality coins: have gems like IHT, MAN, DBC, VEN, MOBI, DRGN, BNTY, ZRX, ELEC, GNX etc So I can fully recomend

Response time of support for EOS airdrop

88% April 25, 2018 by Cryptowendyo

I use Gate to purchase and trade coins that aren't on other exchanges which is great. They also have all the standard stuff too. Their interface is very similar to all the other exchanges and is user friendly. As a new trader in the space I sometimes need some help and have general questions. Before the EOS airdrop I reached out to the team on instagram to verify the process. They got back with me within the hour and fully supported the airdrop. I was impressed with the response time and the fact that all I had to do was hold my EOS on the exchange to get the EOSDAC airdrop. Super easy and hassle free for a noob.

Really disappointed

26% February 02, 2018 by lesyeuxbruns

I transferred ETH to my account to change it into TRX. That worked fine and was really excited about using I had an balance of 315 TRX in my account. So I thought, I could try to send this 315 TRX to a hardwallet. I insert my adress, checked the fees (TRX, ETH) and done. The TRX were sent to my hardwallet after a day, but I was shocked! The TRX balance in my wallet were not 315, but only 15 TRX. I thought, what the hell... I´ve checked the fee list again and I was upset. "0% + 300 TRX (0% if change in". So I understand +300 TRX as a limit, like, I have to withdrawal minimum 300 TRX. I thought it would be impossible, that the fees will be 300 TRX, because the fee for ETH are only 0,003 ETH. That´s a big difference! The fee for LTC is only 0,002 LTC. What the hell.... 300 TRX = ~40 € 0,003 ETH = 3,40 € 0,002 LTC = 0,40 € That´s not fair. I´m honest: If the fee were approx. 10 € for all the currencies, no problem. But from 0,40 € up to 40 €, that´s a joke. Sorry. I wrote to them with a very friendly support request asking them to think about my concern. I shared that I had no problems to pay 10€ fee for withdrawal (50 TRX -60 TRX) but 300 TRX are definitely too much. Other coinexchangers adapt their withdrawal fee from day to day, so the fees are constant (plus/minus a few cents). I think that should be implemented at also. There was no friendly answer to my support request. Just “Check Homepage for withdrawal fee“. I am so disappointed with them and hope others will be warned to stay away from them.