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Identification verification process/customers support

44% March 12, 2018 by Bytcoinuchiha

Gemini is an exchange recommended by many people around the crypto community, but in my own experience i wouldn't recommend it and i will tell you why. I learned about Gemini through a friend from tweeter, i did not know anything about the exchange at that time, so before even trying it i try to do as much research as possible on them, but everything seems to point out to be a good move so i signed in. In the beginning everything seem to be ok, it appeared to be another exchange just like GDAX, Blockchain were you can only buy, sell and exchange the top 2 cryptos (BTC,ETH) but they also seem to have really low fees which for us is a big A+!. The problem started when it came time to have my identity verified so that i may initiate bank deposits, and wire transfer. I had to input my most private info, ID, so on and forth, just as you might have to do with other exchanges that accept bank account tranfers. One week went by and nothing which is ok i know they most be busy, but then two weeks, one month, two months, and nothing, no identity verification was completed no nothing so i decided to contact customer support and to my surprise thats when my nightmare started. I most to opened up dozens of tickets and it seems like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE WERE IGNORED i didnt even receive the most simple of confirmations an email confirmation saying that they have gotten my tickets and were working on it. It wasnt untill FOUR MONTHS LATER that i finally got the problem fix and i truly feel like the only reason it was fix was because i reached out to their tweeter account and posted a public disappointed comment were i point out how frustrating it felt to be completely ignored like this, after that the account was verified within hours. The problem i have is that i was made to belive that the only reason my problem was fix was because the public embarrassment and that they didnt want no bad publicity because of it and that is just REALLY POOR CUSTOMERS SERVICE and the reason why i wouldnt personally recommend it to anyone. I just have access to trading after 4 months which really makez me not want to use it at all, but i will still give it a try because i feel everyone deserves a second chance but as for Customer service, public relations and how they handle customers problems they need 100% improvement. Please take my opinion as just that my opinion, this is what happened to me and im speaking for me and no one else, so make your own decision and make your own research but i hope that this can help you so that you may not go through the same thing

Overall a very good exchange

100% January 03, 2018 by jschaff

I have relatively recently (within the past 3 months) started using Gemini. It is SUPER easy to use and making a withdrawal was cake. I highly recommend it over other exchanges and their fees are much lower too. I have seen on Twitter where many are having problems signing up at the moment, but I think that is because they are backed up. I have never had to open a support ticket, but I have seen that their response times are slow, again, likely because of the influx of people wanting to get in on cryptocurrency lately. I have only had good, speedy, and effective transactions with them. Of all the exchanges I have dealt with, Gemini by far is my favorite.