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My Hashflare experience

51% August 17, 2018 by ForneusAlex

Hashflare went trough the range of difficult decisions lately, last month contracts were canceled then resumed but we still don't see any payouts anyway which is explained by bad market conditions mostly. However, their support team is still operating and handling the issues, I am on the 2nd step of verification, waiting for the refund. So I think you can trust the company but don't invest anything until btc stabilizes.

Sth is going on with the company

45% August 14, 2018 by VitaTarr

I was earning good money thx to hashflare but recently things changed. Contracts are alive now but no payouts, I don't know what to think. From one side I trust the company cause I have a history with guys, from another one they have big problems and who knows whether we receive our payouts any time soon. Everyone keeps sayin it's all about btc rate, I am totally confused.


50% August 13, 2018 by willeyamanda

I had a positive experience with hashflare until recently. As we all know now the market is down and hf met lots of difficulties, I was excited when they resumed contracts in the end of July, but it's not like we suddenly started to receive payouts anyway, I realize it's connected with low btc rate but they should resolve the issue somehow! Plus refunds are processing very slowly, you can get one only within 7-10 days If you are lucky. Back in the day respected company is going down...

End of Game

40% August 12, 2018 by VladtTempest

I started using the service mining Dash in november 2017. As the expectations with this coin were not good I decided to mine bitcoin, Ether ans Zec. Hashflare was paying without problem until June 2018 when the bitcoin price was so low and they chage the agreement and decided to stop the contract. Understandable, but they should return the payments not caused!!

Hashflare Review

92% February 13, 2018 by WoWCrypto

I started mining at Hashflare 1 year ETH contract and so far I love it. I do not currently reinvest but I am happy with my daily returns. I think the minimum withdrawal for Ethereum is sort of high at 0.1 mined required before you can withdrawal to an external wallet but other than that I'm very happy with the site. I'm sure the withdrawal limit isn't an issue for most people especially if they reinvest. The only reason I gave Hashflare a 4 star was the withdrawal limits. I fully trust Hashflare.io and I would recommend Hashflare to anyone interested in cloud mining. One of the other things I like about Hashflare is they let you decide what mining pools to mine on, and you can even mine several of them if you want!

Great For Biginners !!

97% January 07, 2018 by JustCrypto

Easy to use platform with great value, excellent returns daily and love the reinvest option.

Best bitcoin cloud mining site

87% December 21, 2017 by ifilook30
Verified Review

To this program is that you can reinvest your profits back in the program. From 3 TH/s reinvesting every day now i have 5.24 TH/s!