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Beijing, China

The worst exchange with poor customer support!

19% April 17, 2018 by adilcnn

Well I am working in crypto trading dor 2,3 years but this this was one the worst exchange I ever seen with no support and no safety of assets/coins. I know sometimes exchanges experience technical issues but a good exchange can resolve them within a timeframe and let their traders inform about the issue with immediate solution. Huobi failed to do so, instead unable to resolve a technical issue within a moth even, nor customer support can satisfy their affected traders. I have made two deposits od Meetcoin ans on 6th April but none of them received yet, I contacted Huobi support but they have nothing to give me than false hopes and always say wait patiently.

Fair enough

73% February 28, 2018 by Spotmerise

Easy to navigate and use. I'd get an immediate response each time I would contact their support team.