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Easy to use, but be careful

96% December 27, 2017 by lucas

If you do calculations on most of the rigs on here, you'll see that the amount you will probably end up with will be less than what you paid. I don't want to review negatively, though, since this really isn't the fault of the site. Obviously, people will try to make a profit. So just remember to do some basic calculations before renting, and this can be a great site to do some mining without the hassle of setting up equipment and without dealing with scammy pyramid schemes.

Straightforward and easy even for beginners

99% December 20, 2017 by ericl

These guys are great for those who want to try their hand at mining as well as experienced miners. The rig lease/rental process is clear and you can make your rental choices based on the actual hash rate which is a plus. Their ETH wallets are about 30 min behind, but when I contacted them about this (to make sure something else wasn't up) they replied quickly and confirmed that with ETH volume up, there is a lag in wallets. They said that they are actively working to fix this and once they do, they will really be great.