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Best experience so far.

95% March 02, 2018 by Dilly R

The rate is a bit higher than some of the other sites but what I found was the purchasing expeirence was way easier and the layout of the website is more user friendly. also when you email them a question they respond far quicker than any other site- sometimes your ticket won't get answered for days with others sites, if any response at all. has a great staff, so sometimes you get what you pay for with client care. I would recommend this over the others for low-medium size purchases, they have a $2500 daily limit so maybe for the high rollers, but for average purchases its the best i've seen so far.


72% March 02, 2018 by Editorlder

Have had an account with MyBTC for quite some time now. Made many transactions without an issue. Verification was quick and painless.