Bitcoin Wallets
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Shanghai, China

Reasonable fees

77% February 02, 2018 by Nic42303Bit

They have one of the lowest fees for a bitcoin wallet. Safe and secure.

Reliable wallet!

75% January 30, 2018 by HailyBit

There are a dozen of wallets out there but NEO is a fast and secure BTC portfolio based on the Bitcoin Tor network. It has a low commission wallet that stores secured btc. This is a quick wallet that can help you protect your secure online currencies.

Good decision!

75% January 26, 2018 by BitMonial

I moved to NEO from Coinomi and I am more than happy.

You got to try this

72% January 20, 2018 by BoyxlBitcoin

NEO has secure and safe way to send and receive in your wallet. Good job to their support; always responds to my inquiries.