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Toronto, Canada

Had a great experience on OpenBazaar

100% August 20, 2018 by Chris P.

I hgad a great experience on OpenBazaar. This is a true Peer to Peer system which is way better than alternatives like Etsy. I bought directly from the seller and paid no fees and neither did they. I used bitcoin as well. I would highly recommend trying OpenBazaar.

A step toward a decentralized and open Internet

100% August 19, 2018 by ArasDawn

OpenBazaar is better than everything you would expect from it. It's a great P2P shopping platform where you can pay with many cryptocurrencies. But what's amazing about it is it's decentralization, a step towards a free and open Internet.

Quick transfers!

71% March 08, 2018 by Websion

Received my bitcoins in 20 minutes. Great service! I'll use it again.