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Totaly , hands down BEST platform Ive been on.

97% August 13, 2018 by bitsquirell

It may seem that I am am writing a biased positive review due to the fact that I am an active verified seller on this platform, but quite simply put , I would not bother to associate myself or my dealings with a platform if they did not meet the standards that we should all look for. Dont get this twisted plz, PAXFUL is not without any business? Mainly speaking about its chat support feature that has suffered in terms of response time due to its influx of new members on the platform sending a boat load of support requests. They still respond fairly quick but still a far cry from how it used to be instant one on one interaction in real time. Ive been reassured that they are evolving to meet the new demands, and I believe them without a doubt. aside from that, the platform is very easy to use, very noobie friendly and the threat of being ripped off by an idiot looking to weasel you out of your coin is not an issue. Ive conducted ALOT of trades , I mean ALOT and have had only 2 issues, both of were handled by staff members in professional manner , in a way that assured both parties sides of the story were looked at before verdicts were sent rendered., consequences were then swift and unyielding. In other words the message was clear..idiot rippers will not be tolerated. PERIOD,. So in closing, you simply cant go wrong..give em a shot.

Reliable support

75% March 08, 2018 by Websion

Good exchange I really like trading with you guys, 24/7 customer support!