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Short and simple

71% January 30, 2018 by Ze2790Bit

Smooth and secure!

Still doubtful

73% January 26, 2018 by BitGeller

It can be tricky. The buy/sell section is practically the same as the trade one, but with different interface and higher fees. As for the rest - no claims yet. I really like their trading platform - it is easy and processes orders relatively fast.

Secure and reliable

76% January 23, 2018 by Ton_m4nBitcoin

One of the main reason why I trade on Payzet and contribute to it, is the outstanding privacy, security and censorship resistance. Small drawback: you do need a small amount of BTC upfront for security deposit and trading fees.

Needs improvement

73% January 19, 2018 by BitcoinNagbratz

Quick deposit and withdraw but bad and slow support.